Be you.

The words on your website, business profile, press releases, social media posts, memoir, and more, reflect the personality of your brand. What message are you giving to the world? Is it true? Is it accurate? Will it resonate and engage?

Careless content can harm how your business. 

More than that, if you’re not clear on what your business, product, or service is about, you’ll never find the right words.

Let's talk about discovering your secret sauce and sending the right message to your customers, audience, team members and potential clients.

Let me help you with your words for branding, web content, social media ideas, media campaigns, e-newsletters, a business profile, copywriting needs and more.

Website words

You're building a new website. What do you put on there? Where do you start? How do you make the words on your website reflect you, your client, your business? You want it to be professional but not stuffy, genuine but not too casual, easy to understand but not childish. Right? I'll work with you to uncover your authentic voice, and style content to reach your customers. 

Find your voice

Let's get down to brass tacks - the world is changing. Fast. Is your business/service reaching customers? Is your voice being heard over the noise of other marketing, social media hoo-ha, and web content out there? Let's talk about why and how great content will reach your ideal customers. I'll create that great content with you. Want to go deep? Let's discover what the core voice of your business/service is, how it may need to change, reawaken your passion for doing what you do, and tell that story to the world.

Add sparkle

You may already have a website, business profile/story/content but would like it reviewed for clarity, accuracy, and readability? Maybe it needs a bit of oomph and sparkle? I can help. If you’re delivering a speech or writing a script for advertising, commercials, videos – or you need this created from scratch – get in touch! Are you a photographer/videographer needing a "word person" for a project - drop me an email. Do you need ‘fresh eyes’ to proofread a manuscript, speech, manual, or any written piece – let’s talk?