Putting a Face to Farming

After terrible bushfires, floods and amid the global Covid19 pandemic, the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce wanted to build a campaign around connecting consumers with local product and educating the region about the gourmet food bowl growing around us.

I worked with videographer Michael Wilkie to produce a video series. We interviewed four local farmers, their produce and beautiful properties. I wrote questions designed to help the farmers tell their stories. The format was highly flexible so that our conversations could flow easily. I spoke with each of our interviewees leading up to the shoot to build their confidence and comfort ahead of being in front of the camera.

By working in a natural conversational style, we were able to glean golden moments to shape into a script. Working closely with Michael, we captured the words and imagery to deliver videos which educate and engage a local audience and those seeking a gourmet destination to visit. 

Our four videos can be watched below.

The Putting a Face to Farming campaign also involved media articles, a destination piece for metro media (to be published), expanded profile stories, and website content. To read, visit camdenhavenchamber.org

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